Federico "Fred"Lazo

Luzviminda Arnis

Grandmaster Federico (Fred) Lazo

Founder of Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood

A common theme among true masters of the martial arts is a growing desire to see their arts preserved for future generations. Grandmaster Lazo is no exception. After having distilled his art of Luzviminda Arnis Kali for over fifty-five years the Grandmaster now feels that the time has come to offer this uniquely refined art to the public. The year 2007 marks the historic year of the debut of the Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood in accord with Grandmaster Lazo's desire to share his legacy with the world. Luzviminda Arnis Kali Brotherhood (L.A.K.B.) is a Filipino martial arts organization that aims to propagate the Filipino martial culture both in its classical form as well as its modern interpretation. The aim is to teach an all-around knowledge of all the Filipino weapons as well as proficiency with empty hands. Luzviminda Arnis is not a sport but purely combat oriented fighting art.The goal is to train highly skilled fighters and who will later go on to become highly skilled teachers, preserving the art for generations to come.

Over 55 years of study in the Filipino martial arts has resulted in the formulation of the Luzviminda Arnis style. Grandmaster Federico T. Lazo is a living treasure,and a peerless expert in the highly esteemed martial arts of the Philippine archipelago. Rarely does an individual progress to the levels of martial arts mastery that Grandmaster Lazo has ascended to. Even more rarely do they openly share what they have learned with others. A quiet and humble man by nature, Grandmaster Lazo has always been one to avoid public attention during his 55-year plus span of intense study, practice and application of these bona-fide warrior art.

Although Grandmaster Lazo was actively involved with the creation and promotion of what is today known as Modern Arnis, for decades he has chosen to live in seclusion, preferring to teach just a handful of students.When Grandmaster Lazo is not engaged in the further refinement of his own signature artor training his core disciples, he passes his time by making authentic battle-readyweapons and refurbishing antique Filipino blades. Grandmaster Lazo was a man with a deep passion for every htmlectof his art, from little known historical details to subtle differences in the application of techniques and everything in between. It is that enduring passion for the arts that he loves so dearly that has led this grandmaster to break out of seclusion and share his unique personal art, this crowning jewel, with the new generation of practitioners. This is his way of displaying his gratitude to all of the enthusiastic lovers of these arts and the passion and dedication that they have invested into their practice of the combat legacy of his homeland