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Montoya's Shorin Kempo Karate-Jitsu Clinics


Baker  Heian Nidan Bunkai Flow         Chiles  Ground Fighting&Sweeps to Standing Position              

Chiles  Tegumi/Takedown Defense, Clinch Work and Takedowns      Kennedy  Critical Distance           Kennedy  Mid Step      

Martinez  Elbow Shields/Hammer Fists       Martinez  Cane Angles Of Attack, ABC's, Cane Chokes / Constrictions         

Colahan  Distrupting Balance with Stances and Blocks          Montoya  Arnis Junior/Senior Sinawali and Knife   


Montoya  10 Swords and Arnis Disarms   Baker  TaiJi Applications    8 Pieces of Brocade    Chiles Entry for Grappling and Striking

Kennedy  Stances Movement and 21 Elbows       Botting  Posture Power Generation Empty Hand  and Arnis  

Colahan  Shoulder Flow & Takedowns   Martinez  Filipino Dirty Boxing Knife and Stick  


Baker  Joint Locks/Bassai Dai Flow/Turtle Qi Gong    Botting  Hand Combinations/Shields and Arnis     

Kennedy  Parry/Block Angles     Martinez  Filipino Empty Hand and Weapons Training    Montoya  Knife   

Pocurull  Kusanku Bunkai     Warntjes  Disguising Basics    Botting/Martinez  Additional Arnis Training


Astudillo Jujitsu    Baker Tekki and Bassai Dai Flows    Benthul Wanchin Kata

Childers Defense Progression    Davis Jujitsu    Kennedy Closing and Timing 

Martinez Arnis Stick and Knife   


Baker EC Chin Na Techniques Filmed Previously    Baker Jion Flow    Benthul Kai Chi

Childers Training Basics    Colahan Dawson Shimi Giri Bo Ichi Bo 7    Dawson Blocking the Sun

Kenendy Stance Posture and Bunkai    Martinez Angles and Blocks    Martinez Arnis    Montoya Gun   


Montoya    Kennedy    Botting    Baker   


Montoya Part 1    Montoya Part 2    Kennedy Part 1    Kennedy Part 2    Botting    Davis    Calderon   


Baker Hand Drill    Baker Heian Yodan Flow    Baker Heian Godan Flow    Baker Arnis Flow   

Botting Short Power Basics 4 Paths    Botting Block, Check, Counter Getting Ahead   

Kennedy Pinan Shodan Bunkai    Kennedy Ananku and Set 4    Kennedy Shoulder Elbow Flow   

Montoya Empty Hand Block Check Drills    Montoya Empty Hand and Knife Block Drills and Controls   

Rogers Shotokan Bunkai    Rogers Shotokan Bunkai Continued   


1502 Botting/Kennedy/Montoya    1502 Baker Filmed previously

2014 Feb

Montoya    Kennedy 1of2    Kennedy 2of2    Kennedy Bunkai    Greene 1of3   

Greene 2of3    Greene 3of3    Rogers    Baker   

2014 May

1405 Montoya/Rogers   


Montoya    Montoya Arnis    Montoya Gun    Greene    Kennedy    Rogers    Baker    Baker Arnis    Attendees   


Baker    Greene    Kennedy    Montoya    Rogers    Attendees   


Bryan    Montoya    Kennedy    Greene    Rogers    Baker   


Bryan Martinez Montoya   

Warrior Weekend


Ted Sumner   Jeb Chiles  Dan Kennedy Raymond Montoya

Ken Baker Jefferson Davis & Billy Dalton John Maynard

Kenpo 2 Man Sets


Ted Sumner John Maynard Raymond Montoya    Dan Kennedy 8 Pieces of Brocade

Jefferson Davis Ken Baker Mike Dillard     Jeb Chiles      Bart Vale    Presentation


Jefferson Davis    Dan Kennedy Ted Sumner Gorospe Judo Bart Vale

John Maynard Ken Baker Raymond Montoya   Presentation   


Jefferson Davis    Ted Sumner    Raymond Montoya    Mike Dillard   

Ken Baker    Dan Kennedy    John Maynard    Presentation   


Ted Sumner    Jefferson Davis    Nick Chamberlain    Dan Kennedy    Mike Dillard   

Raymond Montoya    Ken Baker    John Maynard   


Roger Greene    Vic Coffin    Ted Sumner    Dan Kennedy    Ken Baker   

John Maynard    Mike Dillard    Raymond Montoya    Nick Chamberlain   


Roger Greene Friday Night Workout    Ted Sumner Fire Arm Take-Aways   

Dan Kennedy Trapping Hands and kata Bunkai    Ken Baker Joint Lock and Counter Joint Lock Flow Drills

Raymond Montoya Striking Styles with Disarms and Locks with Rattan Cane   

Jefferson Davis Windmill Redirect and Applications   


Ted Sumner Falling Techniques    Ken Baker Joint Lock Counters    Dan Kennedy Bunkai

Raymond Montoya Stick Restraining Techniques     Jim Stewart Fighting Other Styles


Greene Knife    Sumner Multiple Attackers    Kennedy Bunkai

Clarke Combat Boxing    Montoya Tiger/Crane     Baker Joint Locks

1308    1206    1106    1006    0906A    0906B   0606



Warmups/The Kata Within Kennedy    Promotions    Fighting Drill 4 Flach

Roger Greene 101 Palmer    Twist and Shout  Colahan     Holds & Restraints Montoya    

Maneuvers and Disarms Brown    Eagle Claw Baker   


Bo Katas Gross/Quinn    Arnis  Martinez    Pinan 1-3  Quinn

18 Postures  Montoya    Side Lock Flow  Colahan     Gojushiho Ni  Harris    

Hiori No Kata  Baker    Chinto  Chiles    Kempo  Kennedy  


Hawaiian Kempo Kennedy    Knife Control and Disarm Montoya    One Handed Self-Defense Baker

Anywhere Self Defense and Street Counter Brown    Body Control Mechanics Chiles

Self-Defense, Fighting Combinations Howl    Arnis Cole    Sai and Tonfa Gross&Quinn    Sai and Tonfa Demo


Obi Waza Brown    Hawaiian Kempo Kennedy    Punching Palmer    Jujitsu Colahan

Introduction Kennedy    Warmups Quinn    Bunkai Blumenthal    Montoya Arnis

Kennedy Award    Bunkai Blanton    Bunkai Rogers    Multiple Attackers Baker


Hawaiian Kempo Kennedy Johansen    Okinawan Kenpo Colahan Blumenthal    Wrist Lock Flow Palmer

Kusanku Kata and Bunkai    Tiger Crane Montoya    18 Postures Dawson Blanton    Shotokan Bunkai Rogers Baker   


Al Louis and Vic Coffin    Jeb Chiles    Ken Baker    Roger Greene

Raymond Montoya    Ron Rogers    Chatanyara    Friday Night Class   


Ken Baker    Roger Greene    Dan Kennedy

Raymond Montoya    Friday Night Class    151114 Clinic   


Ken Baker Eagle Claw    Roger Greene Movement    Passai, Seisan, Assorted Bunkai

Bill Marron Kempo    Raymond Montoya Two Man Fighting Drills   


Ken Baker Eagle Claw    Roger Greene Movement    Dan Kennedy Gojushiho Ni

Bill Marron Kempo    Raymond Montoya Weapons Passing   


Kennedy Marron Montoya    Greene Baker