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Jeb Chiles

Chiles Martial Arts

Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu

Courtesy of Jeb Chiles in memory of Larry Williams, Hanshi

Fukyugata Ich Fukyugata Ni Fukyugata San

Pinan Shodan Pinan Nidan Pinan Sandan Pinan Yondan Pinan Godan

Naihanchi Shodan Naihanchi Nidan Naihanchi Sandan









Blocking Patterns

01 Skull and Cross Bones

02 Closed Door

03 Open Door

04 Shoulder Tap

05 Uptown

06 Catchers Mitt

07 Cover Your Bullet

08 Rolling Punches

09 Step Ladder

10 Peekaboo

11 Triangle Trade

12 Double Cover

13 Hand Claps

14 Straight Punches

15 Drop And Pop

16 Head Taps

17 Umbrella

18 Houdini

19 Cross Block

20 Gangster Shuffle

21 Bum Rush

22 Body Cover

23 Rob The Bank

24 Elbow Taps

25 Hand Slap

26 Shuffle The Cards

27 Spinning Back Fist

28 Pants Leg Flip

29 We Love The World

30 Hockey Shanky Punch

31 Robot

32 Tree Top

33 Shell

34 Shaolin

35 Hook Take Down

36 Windshield Wiper

37 Captain

38 Frame The Pic

39 Made You Look

40 Swimming Parry

41 Butterfly

42 Double Stop

43 Swing the Bat

44 Stir Block

45 Chicken Block

46 Crash Helmet

47 Superstition

48 Slip With It

49 Glass Man

50 Revolving Door

51 The Wall

52 Leg Shield

Tae Guk Fighting Drills

Tae Guk Introduction

Tae Guk 1 Tae Guk 2 Tae Guk 3 Tae Guk 4 Tae Guk 5 Tae Guk 6 Tae Guk 7 Tae Guk 8