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Edition 11 Newsletters

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Edition 6 Newsletters

Centrifugal and Centripetal Force in the Martial Arts; Components of Body Power; Isotonic and Isometric Stretching for Warm-up; The Four Principles of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido; Nose Throw 12A

Aikido Waza; Basic Aikido Terminology; Book Review: The Seven Steps to Personal Safety by Tim Powers and Richard B. Isaacs; Important Concepts of Wing Chun Fist 12B

Takemusu Aiki – Creating Martial Movements According to Universal Principles; Training the Stomach; Ki as Proper Alignment of the Body; Shime Waza – Chokes; Tae Kwon Do; Sutemi Waza; Wi Shu Family Rankings 12C

Jyunanshin – Supple Mind; Batsugun – Instantaneous Promotion; Balance; Atemi-ho; Gozo Roppu – Five Viscera; Tsuki Waza – Thrusting Techniques; Shikaku Ashi Sabaki – Square Foot Movement 12D

Fukushiki – Deep Abdominal Breathing; Kiatsu Therapy; Gogyo – The Five Elements; Zen and the Samurai; Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Techniques of “Real” Combat 12E

Hando no Kuzushi; Nage Waza; Honshin – The Difference Between Ethics and Morality; Shin-Gi-Tai; The Difference Between Harai Waza, Kari Waza, and Gake Waza; Budo – Bujutsu in Everyday Life; The “Disabled” in the Martial Arts; Teaching Proper Hand Position for Breakfalls; List of MYB Kobudo Kata 12F

Ueshiba's Philosophy of Aikido; Visualization; A Brief Outline of Karatedo; Judo Instruction; Book Review: Everyday Warriors 12G

List of Original MYB Kata no Ri 12H

Tsukuri; Tegumi; Aikido Waza; Aikido Sabaki 12I

Ki-gata; Kami Shitoe; The Passai Katas; Sinawali; Channan Kata; Kickboxing 12J

Atemi; Sanchin; Early Books on Judo; Sochin Kata; MYB Martial Styles Lineage; Sankinkotaiseido 12K

Reiki; Tokumine No Kun; Okinawan Kenpo; Seisan Kata; Acrobatic Stunts; Original Requirements for Promotion in MYB; Combination Flying Kicks; Itsuku – Being glued, stuck, stiff 12L

Edition 5 Newsletters

Biography of Jigoro Kano 1101

Biography of Funakoshi Gichin; Setting your Gaze in Combat 1102

Biography of Ueshiba Morihei 1103

Biography of Leo Wilson 1104

Goju Ryu Katas; Aikido Essentials; Class Commands for the Dojo 1105

Wado Ryu Kata; Defending Karatedo as the Way of the Empty Hand; Motobu Choki; The Difference Between Self Defense and Martial Arts; Sean Connery in the Martial Arts 1106

JuJutsu Classification; Atemi Waza Classification; The Development of Tomari-te 1107

Gene LeBell; Ri-Ji; Introduction to Zen; Celebrities who were Also Martial Artists 1108

MYB Eagle Claw System; Shuri-te, Naha-te, and Tomari-te; The Threefold Path; Contrasting Aiki and Kiai; Training the Body (Renshu) and the Spirit (Keiko); Kongo (Diamond); The Five Elements of a Good Technique; Training the Stomach; Using the Armpit in Techniques; The Concept of Void in Karate 1109

Kase Taiji; The Difference between Keage and Kekomi; Terminology of Heart and Mind 1110

Renbukai; Bill Wallace on Kata; Washin-Ryu; Uke and Harai; Learning Differences of Women; Logophobia 1111

Terminology of Ren; Go no Kata; Sabaki; Kenpo (The Law of the Fist); Full Contact Sparring 1112

Edition 4 Newsletters

Concepts of Traditional Shorin Ryu Kata; Japanese Wrestling; Yamashita Yoshiaki 1001

Updated List of Traditional Jujutsu Ryu 1001s

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Hand Kata I; Bersilat; Egyptian Stick Fighting; Book Review: Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel of China, translated by Eva Wong; How the Ninja Blended in; Chinese Medicine 1002

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Hand Kata II; Zui Ban – Movement as a Result of Intent; Pentjak-Silat; Testa; Chuck Wepner; List of Belt Colors for Adults 1003

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Kick Kata I; The Word of a Warrior; Nguni Stick Fighting; The Wrestling Presidents; Terminology of Training; Criteria for Renshi, Kyoshi, and Hanshi; Action Based on Intuition; Hanagi Chomo Coined “Empty Hand”; Shi Pa Sho Increased to 72 1004

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Kick Kata II; Evala Wrestling; The Meaning of Shodan; How to Perform a Punch; Sticky Hands 1005

List of Books containing Okinawan Kobudo Kata 1005s

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Kick Kata III; The Use and Misuse of the Makiwari; Book Review: Zen Kobudo: Mysteries of Okinawan Weaponry and Te 1006

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Kick Kata IV (Displacement Kata); Nuba Wrestling; Nyumonsha; The Meaning of Dai and Sho; Listen to the Kata; The Man of Wood; The Difference Between Hiji Ate and Empi Uchi; Hikite; Perseverance; Blood Swinging 1007

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Kick Kata V (Ground Kick Kata); Sen; Kiten; Kumite; A Comparison of Tewaza and Ashiwaza; Funakoshi Gigo; Kitei; Hanko – Stamped Seal; Hineri Geri; Karate Waza; Kimura Masahiko; Three htmlects of a Correctly Performed Technique 1008

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Combination Kata I; Shikake Waza – Setting Up Techniques; The Differrence Between Strategy and Tactics; Metsuke – Combat Observation; The Difference Between Ate Waza and Atemi Waza; Kata Nomenclature; The Kanji for In and Yo 1009

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Combination Kata II; Strength or Power; Book Review: Parents’ Guide to Martial Arts by Debra M. Fritsch and Ruth S. Hunter; Book Review: Self-defense: Steps to Success by Joan M. Nelson; The Eight Elements of Winning Strategy; The Diffference Between Karate Do and Karate Jutsu; Cleaning the Dojo; On Reading Various Translations of the Same Book 1010

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho – Shichidan Keri no Renshuho (AKA Kick Kata III [A]); Description of the Major Karate Styles; Nage Waza; Contrasting Hard and Soft Aikido Styles; The Ten Categories of Martial Arts 1011

Jujutsu Kata of Wilson Kancho : Ten no Kata Omote (AKA Hand Kata III); Using Body Momentum in Techniques; Judo as a Sport; Hakkoryu Jujutsu; List of MYB Kata 1012

Edition 3 Newsletters

Kukan; Te Sabaki; Proper Conduct (Martial Etiquette); Judo History; Old Comic Book Ads for Martial Arts Instruction 0901

Vajramushti; Evasions (Angles of Attack); Joseph Louis Barrow; and How Hanshi got His Name 0902

Arnis; Symbolism of the Circle, Square, and Triangle; Defensive Techniques of Five Principles; More Theories of Time and Motion; Lineage and Influences of Wilson Kancho; Comparing Karate Ranks to Levels of Education; Modern Equivalents of Traditional Weapons 0903

Strategy of Isshinryu; Musashi Miyamoto and Heiho; Is Sport Karate Self Defense?; Uke; Tang Soo Do; Lineage of Wilson Kancho; The Monkey Who Went to Heaven; Hanshi's Ancestry and Sign 0904

Striking Combinations; Jeet Kune Do; The Ryu-ha of Ancient Ninjutsu 0905

Similarities Between Modern and Ancient sporting Events; Shodokan Aikido; Origin of the Shotokan Tiger; Warriorship; Captain Leopold McLaglen 0906

Metsuke – Look Without Looking; The Rule of Four; Buddha's Hands; In and Yo (Yin and Yang); The Five Confucian Virtues; Ju Jutsu; Remembering “Self Defense World” 0907

Jozai Senjo; Comparing Kuzushi and Tsukuri; Sabaki; Joint Locks; Terminology of Movement; Four Ways to Study Kata 0908

Seven Falls, Eight Rises; Body Conditioning; Confidence; Book Review: The Way to Black Belt: A Comprehensive Guide to Rapid, Rock-Solid Results; The Union of Mind, Body, and Spirit; The Meaning of Dojo; 0909

Kime; Learning Styles; Cuong Nhu; Moshe Feldenkrais; Women Warriors and Ancient Savat 0910

The Concept of Bu; Zoor Khane; 0911

Tatami; Jigoro Kano; Terminology for Resuscitation Techniques 0912

Edition 2 Newsletters

Huntsville 2007 Review 0801 MYB

Discussions on the Elephant's Trunk Exercise, Dead Angle, Blind Spot, Ma, Kamae, and Tsukuri. Discussions of Taekwondo and Sumo. List of Japanese Titles and Martial Arts Ranks. 080123

Tracing the Origins of the Korean Hyung. Detailed Discussions of Kenpo and Kodokan Judo. 080223

Discussions on Pankration, Kuk Sool Won, Sanchin Kata, What is a Sensei, and the Okami Karaho Patch 080224

Kumite, Katame Waza, and Kuzushi 080302

Defendu, Combato, and Combat Martial Arts 080402

Meditation and Massage, What it Means to be a Black Belt and a Discussion on Muay Thai 080502

Turning Side Kick; Vital Points; Heiho (Strategy); Tai Chi's Waist; Kata; and Breath 080602

Qi Gong 18

Judo Terminology for Tournaments (Judo no Shiai) 080701

Displacement Kata; Kojosho Kempo; Healing Techniques; Chakras 080801

Leavenworth 2008 Review and Colorado Springs 2008 Review 0808 MYB

Shi-Ki-Chikara; Fukyugata Sandan; The Common Threads of Chinese, Okinawan, Japanese and Korean Martial Arts ; Breathing 080901

Busai; Encyclopedia of Judo 081001

Jion; Diagrams of Impact Elements; Views of the Universe 081101

Titles (and How to Use Them); Judging Forms; Tai Sabaki; Robert “Ruby Bob” Fitzsimmons 081201

Edition 1 Newsletters

MYB Overview: Lineage, Rank Descriptions, List of Ju Jitsu Systems, and the 18 Martial Systems of Japan Midori

Discussions of Kiai, Haragei, Dead Angle, Shorin Ryu, the Three Principles of Judo, The Karate Creed, and the Study of Kata Supplemental

Techniques must fit like a glove: Discussions of Nage Waza, The Three Minds, Power and Grace, Suki, Ch'i in relation to Breathing and Meditation, and a History of Ju Jitsu Summer 2007

History of Karaho Kempo, Pai Lum Tao, Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan, and Hapkido: Discussions of Martial Awareness, The Five Ring Tower, and the Forward from An Encyclopedia of Judo Fall 2007

The Philosophy, Study, and Practice of Kata MYB Fall Supplemental

Specific Training in Awareness, Tanden Development, and the Displacement Kick. Discussion on the Chinese Influence on Okinawan Karate and Hawaiian Massage. Rogers Winter 2007

Learning Principles from the Pinan Katas and a Short History of Shotokan Hanshi Winter 2007

Discussions on Grappling forms, Choking forms, and Martial Awareness, The Three Great Treasures, and Philosophy of Judo (or any Martial Art) 071224